When two college students bring Dr. Kenneth Neil Brooks some mysterious transcripts he initially thinks they are an obvious hoax. Yet, the content of the transcripts is so compelling he cannot put them down. Dr. Brooks finds himself absorbed in reading serious philosophical discourses involving some of the greatest minds of the 20th century. In their fiery debates, these scientists, philosophers, religionists, athletes, and activists address the current confrontation of values that may determine the fate of modern civilization.

Will those things that are generally valued as True, Beautiful and Good prevail? Will it be possible for growing numbers of enlightened and committed individuals to heal our strife torn planet by means of Love and unselfish service? Or are we destined to be plunged into yet another dark age of global ignorance and brutality? The members of Dr. Lena Celestia Sadler's ultimate think tank come to unexpected and stunning conclusions that could change the way we think and live today.

Even so, despite their electrifying power, Dr. Brooks knows the conversations of this symposium could not have taken place. His concern is mitigated when his research reveals the positions of the participants were derived from their actual writings. Featured are many of the most brilliant insights of Abraham Maslow, Vikor Frankl, Mortimer Adler, Bertrand Russell, Mother Teresa, Sir James Jeans, Susan B. Anthony, Arthur Ashe, and William Walker Atkinson (aka Yogi Ramacharaka). However, it is Dr. Lena Sadler's extraordinary knowledge that achieves synthesis from what seems at first to be hopeless diversity. And it is Dr. Lena who answers the one remaining question in the mind of Dr. Brooks. Where will the new shakers and movers come from? Those leaders who will turn the tide and change the course of history?

The new leaders will emerge from where they have always emerged. From the ranks of ordinary individuals who dare to overcome colossal challenges and go forth to live victorious lives of meaning and purpose. The formula Dr. Lena Sadler reveals for achieving full use of your powers along the lines of Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Love is surprisingly simple. Enlightenment is within the reach of all normal minds.